The family of Amisson or Amison can be traced back to Trentham in Staffordshire in the 18th Century. The trail starts with Edward AMISON and Margaret MYATT who married in 1766 in Trentham. Their family stayed in the parish for another 50 years before railway engineering took the family away around the country. The family migrated to South London within one generation.

This lineage follows closely my own line but the story of the Amison/Amisson family is more broadly covered by the Amison Family Tree website, which has more information about the lateral branches to this tree, particularly their involvement in the Staffordshire Pottery trade.

AMISSON of Blurton and South London

Edward AMISON of Trentham, Staffordshire (~1729-?) married 16 Nov 1766 to Margaret MYATT (1730-1815). She died Apr 1815. They had children as follows:

  1. Mary AMISON (~1767-1789) baptism lost but probably at Blurton, died unmarried in 1789 and buried at Trentham.
  2. Thomas AMISON (~1768-1846) of whom following:
  3. Matthew AMISON (1773-?) baptised at Blurton 2 Mar 1773.

Thomas AMISON of Blurton, Staffordshire (~1768-1846) baptism lost and probably at Blurton. His parentage to Edward and Margaret is unproven but they were the only family in Blurton at the time. Married 24 Aug 1789 at St Peter’s, Stoke, Staffordshire to Jane BUCKSTONES (1773-1845), born in Stone, the daughter of Thomas BUXTONS and his wife Jane BENTLEY. The family moved to Longton, and then returned to Blurton. Jane died in Blurton 28 Mar 1845 and was buried there. Their gravestone is still at Blurton. Her husband died a year later on 28 May 1846. They had issue:

  1. Thomas AMISON (1790-1790) born and buried at Longton, Staffordshire.
  2. Joseph AMISON (1791-1854) born in Blurton, married 1814 Sarah Anderson (1792-1869) at Fulford and had issue. Died at Blurton where the headstone still remains.
  3. William AMISON (1793-1838) born in Blurton, married 23 Aug 1813 Hannah PEACOCK in Fulford. Had issue. Died at New Street, Longton, Staffordshire on 1 Jan 1838.
  4. Thomas AMISON (1795-?) born 5 Nov 1795 in Blurton, later life not traced.
  5. Jane (1798-1877) born in Blurton. Living with parents on 1841 census and her brother Stephen in 1851 and looking after a niece and nephew in 1861 in Blurton. Living in Russell Street, Trentham in 1871 with nephew Charles. Died unmarried in Stone registration district in 1877.
  6. George AMISSON (1800-1876) of whom following:
  7. Charles AMISON (1803-1842) born 14 Jun 1803 in Blurton and baptism recorded at Trentham 3 Jul 1803. Married 23 Dec 1821 Margaret Mary RIDGE (1796-1871) at Norton-on-the-Moors and had issue. Died 31 Mar 1842 in Normacot, Staffordshire.
  8. James AMISON (1806-1874) Born 1 May 1806 at Blurton, although later censuses suggest he was born in Longton. Married 31 Aug 1828 Margaret SHAW (1803-1863) at St Peter’s, Stoke. They had issue four daughters and a son. In 1841, he was living as a potter in Lovett Street, Stoke, by 1851 in Union Street, Stoke but by 1861 was on High Street, Longton. In 1871 he was an inmate in a workhouse. Died 1874.
  9. Leveson AMISSON (1807-1865) born 30 Nov 1807 in Blurton. Married 14 Nov 1828 to Jane WOOLFE (1807-1872) at Fulford and had issue five girls and two boys. Sometimes used the unusual double-S spelling of Amisson. Died 8 Oct 1865 at Clayton Street, Edensor, Staffordshire.
  10. Anne (1809-?) born at Blurton, baptised there 17 Jul 1814. Not known afterwards.
  11. Josiah AMISON (1812-1888), born in Normacot. Cleared of manslaughter with a large number of others at Coventry Assizes on the 10 Mar 1836. Married 5 Jun 1836 at St Peter’s, Stoke to Hannah ALLERTON (1810-1883) and had issue three sons an two daughters. Was a potter and lived in Upper Normacot Road in Stone in 1881. Died 1888.
  12. Stephen AMISON (1818-1873) born 11 Oct 1818 at Blurton. Married 18 Nov 1839 Harriet ALLEN (1819-1885) at St Michael’s, Stone. In 1841 at Ash Wood Cottage in Stoke as a Potter. Had issue five daughters and four sons. Died 1 Oct 1873. Gravestone of wife and daughter Emma still exists.

George AMISSON of Blurton, Staffordshire (1800-1876) born 30 May 1800 at Blurton, baptism recorded at Trentham in 1801. Became servant to Richard DUNCALFE, farmer of Lilleshall, Shropshire, and then witness in the trial of Joseph HEATH on 10 Jun 1824. Appears to have preferred double-S spelling of AMISSON which was adopted by him and all his descendants. Married 12 May 1825 at Newport in Shropshire to Mary PLANT (1804-1888). She was born in Gnosall, Staffordshire, the daughter Daniel PLANT and Ann SIMMELL. Moved to Gnosall where his children were born. Convicted of Larceny 15 Aug 1827 and sentenced to 7 years transportation, although this seems to have been commuted to imprisonment. Indicted 7 Jan 1835 for stealing a pair of woman’s shoes from Samuel WESTBROOK, but acquitted 14 Mar 1835. Appears to have acquired a job on the railways and his family subsequently moved around the country, although by 1844, he had migrated back to Staffordshire where he was a labourer in the ironworks. Died 26 Apr 1876 from Stoke upon Trent workhouse. His gravestone is still present. George and Mary had issue:

  1. William AMISSON (1826-1831) born in Bromstead, Gnosall and baptised 20 Aug 1826. Died Mar 1831 at Outwoods, Gnosall and buried at Gnosall church.
  2. Ann (1830-1922) born at Bromstead in Gnosall, baptised at Gnosall church 10 Oct 1830. Moved with family around the country. Married 8 Apr 1860 William GROCOTT (1834-?) at Holy Trinity, Brompton Road, London but moved back to Staffordshire soon afterwards and then back to London. Lived in West Ham and present on the 1911 census when she and William were living at 191, Grange, Plaistow, Essex. Died there 1922. He connections to London may have been behind the appearance of our line in London in later years.
  3. George AMISSON (1832-?) born at Bromstead, Gnosall, Staffordshire and baptised there 17 Jul 1832. No further details known.
  4. Elizabeth (1834-?) baptised at Haughton, Staffordshire 27 Jul 1834. In Paddington in 1861 and married 27 Aug 1865 John BRAND (1842-?) at St Pancras church, London at which her sister Jane (see below) was a witness. Had issue two daughters in South London and appears there on subsequent censuses. Died 1901 from 160, Loughborough Road, Brixton and was buried 22 Jan 1901 at the South Metropolitan Cemetery, Norwood.
  5. Levison AMISSON (1838-1896) born in Buckinghamshire, presumably while his father moved with the railways. Married 22 Feb 1858 to Emma MYCOCK (1837-?) at St Peter’s, Stoke, Staffordshire. They had issue five sons and three daughters. Moved back to Staffordshire until 1873 when he followed his son Josiah AMISSON (1864-1943) who had emigrated to America. He left Liverpool and arrived in New York 29 May 1873. He died in Trenton, Mercer, New Jersey 18 Oct 1896.
  6. Thomas Plant AMISSON (1840-1880) of whom following:
  7. Josiah AMISSON (1844-1887) born 1844 in Blocknell, Walsall, Staffordshire. Worked at the iron works with his father. Married 19 Jun 1864 Ellen TOCKER (1846-?) at St Bede’s church, Jarrow, South Shields. Had issue two daughters. Died 1887 in Staffordshire.
  8. Jane (1847-1920) born in Blocknell, Walsall. Witnessed marriage of sister Elizabeth in London in 1865. Married 11 Jun 1867 James HOPWOOD (1842-?) at Holy Trinity, Hanley, Staffordshire and had issue three daughters and two sons. Stayed in Hanley until after 1881, but appears in West Ham with sister Elizabeth in 1891. Died in Rochford, Essex in 1920.

Thomas Plant AMISSON (1840-1880) born 4 Jul 1840 at Kirkham, Lancashire and baptised 17 Jul 1840 there. Moved back to Staffordshire with his family – in 186 he was working in the ironworks but soon he obtained a job as a wireman. He then appears to have moved with his job. He married 27 Mar 1865 to Jane SOUTH (1843-1894) at New Street Chapel in Edinburgh, Scotland. She was the daughter of William SOUTH and Helen MILLAR (see South lineage). They remained in Edinburgh until ~1867 at which time they moved to Camberwell and East Dulwich in South London. They moved back to Edinburgh temporarily to attend William South’s funeral in May 1868 at which time Thomas AMISSON junior was born. Thomas elder was one of the first telegraphic engineers and fell from a building in the Barbican in London while installing the cables. He died 17 Dec 1880 at St Bartholonew’s Hospital in London and buried at St Giles, Camberwell 23 Dec 1880. The coroner’s inquest and death certificate were erroneously issued in the name of Thomas EMERSON. Thomas and Jane had issue:

  1. Jane Plant (1866-1942) of whom following:
  2. Thomas AMISSON (1868-1870). Born 28 May 1868 in 116 Cowgate, Canongate, Edinburgh. Died 11 Aug 1870 in Drill Street, Crystal Palace Road, Camberwell, South London.
  3. Mary Ellen (1870-1948). Born 7 Oct 1870 in 7 Palace Road, East Dulwich, South London. Married 22 Dec 1889 William James HONEYMAN-BULL (1858-1926) in St Mary Magdalene, Southwark, South London and has issue (see HONEYMAN-BULL tree). Died 20 Dec 1948 and buried in Grove Park Cemetery, South London.
  4. Elizabeth Ann alias Violet Ann (Lizzie) (1874-?). Born in Salford, Lancashire. Married 1894 Harry JOLLEY in Farnham Registration District. Said to have left him and lived with William COLGATE in Bethnal Green. Died after ~1925.

Jane Plant AMISSON (1866-1942) was born 1 Mar 1866 in College Wynd in Edinburgh. She moved with her family to London a year afterwards and subsequently lived in Camberwell. She married 3 Feb 1889 Victor YARDLEY (1867-1908) at St Olave’s Southwark with whom she had four daughters. Victor must have died ~1908 although no death has been found, since ~1909 she married Thomas Charles GEARY (1877-1924). By 1911 she was now living in Bethnal Green and in 1916 was in 31 Hocus Street, Kingsland Road, Shoreditch. Throughout the next decade, she had different addresses in and around Shoreditch. .She adopted her grandson John James DOYLE (1913-1975) (see below). She died 10 Aug 1942 at St Leonard’s Hospital, Haggerston and was buried at Newnham Cemetery. Victor and Jane had issue:

  1. Mary Jane Elizabeth (known as Ginnie) (1889-1977?) of whom following:
  2. Wilhelmina (Willie Minnie) (1892-1975). Born 6 Jan 1892 at Rotherhithe, Surrey and baptised at Lady Margaret church, Walworth. Married Charles Henry BURRELL (1892-1965) and had issue four daughters and one son.
  3. Ethel Maud Amelia (Hettie) (1895-1991). Born 9 Apr 1895 at Tower Hill, London and baptised 30 Apr 1895 at St Katherine, Rotherhithe, South London. Married Alexander William WRIGHT (1895-?) and had issue two sons and two daughters.
  4. Florence Louisa (1900-1983). Born 16 Feb 1900 at 2 King Street, Tower Hill, London and baptised 21 Mar 1900 at St Paul’s Dock Street, London. Married 1924 Thomas CHAMPNESS (1895-1973).

Mary Jane Elizabeth YARDLEY (1889-1977?) was born 15 Jun 1889 at 36 Gordon Road, Bermondsey, Surrey and baptised 16 Jul 1889 at St Katherine’s Southwark. She moved to Spitalfields and lived in Dorset Street in 1901. She married 14 Oct 1911 to John DOYLE (1884-?) at Shoreditch Registry Office and had issue one son and one daughter. John DOYLE joined the war effort in WW1 and was injured, returning to Wales to recover in 1916, from where he sent a letter to his mother in law on 9 Mar 1916. The fate of John DOYLE is not known, but on 14 Oct 1916, she married Albert Edward HIGGINS (1896-1945) and moved away, leaving her son John James to the care of her mother in circumstances which are unclear. She may have started a new life with her new husband and lost contact with her old family. A death in Jun 1977 in Stepney may correspond to her. John Doyle and Jane had issue:

  1. Mary E (1912-1915) of whom following:
  2. John James DOYLE (1913-1975) of whom following:

John James DOYLE (1913-1975) was born 9 Sep 1913 in Shoreditch. He did not know his parents and was brought up by his grandmother, Jane Plant YARDLEY. He trained as a watchmaker and, in WW2, joined the Royal Air Force. He married 2 Apr 1947 to Louisa Alice Clymene CLARK (1905-1999) at St Olave’s, Stoke Newington. She was the daughter of Joseph Edwin CLARK and Louisa Charlotte MILLER and had been born 17 Apr 1905 at Mile End Old Town in the East End of London. They had no children. He had a stroke in Sep 1975 whilst serving on the jury at the Old Bailey and died 9 Sep 1975 at St Bartholomew’s Hospital, London. Louisa died in May 1999 in Westminster.