Sharman / Sherman

Sharman of Earl Stonham

Elizabeth SHARMAN of Earl Stonham in Suffolk has a son Thomas SHARMAN of whom following:

Thomas SHARMAN of Earl Stonham (1773-?), baptised there 19 Sep 1773. Married 1795 Mary ENGLISH at West Bergholt in Essex as Thomas SHERMAN. They had issue two daughters and a son:

  1. Sarah SHARMAN (1795-?) baptised at Earl Stonham. Either Sarah or Martha married John WIGGINS.
  2. John SHARMAN of whom following:
  3. Martha SHARMAN (1799-?) baptised at Earl Stonham. Either she or her sister Sarah married John WIGGINS.

John SHARMAN of Malta, Algiers and Clapham (1797-1875), baptised in Earl Stonham 19 Mar 1797. Married in the Chapel of the Governer’s Palace, Valetta Malta on 16 Apr 1826 to Elizabeth ALLMAN (1798-1869), daughter of Joseph ALLMAN. Was in Malta and then Algiers where their daughter Mary Clara was born. Said to have been an officer in the navy. Appears to have been discharged from this service by 1835, when he is found in Brixton and then Clapham, where he remained almost until his death. He and Elizabeth had issue:

  1. Michael John Anthony SHARMAN (1827-1900), later known as John A SHERMAN of whom following:
  2. Mary Clara SHARMAN (1830-1904), born in Algiers circa August 1830 at the height of the invasion of Algiers by French troops. Moved to Brixton and Clapham with parents. Married George FINCH (1830-1893) at St John’s church, Clapham in 1853 (see Finch report 1).
  3. Robert William SHARMAN (1835-1915) born 11 Mar 1835 in Brixton. Married 7 Sep 1856 at St Matthew’s Brixton to Caroline SANDYS (1837-?) and had issue. In later life married Elizabeth MONK (1838-?).
  4. Caroline Louisa SHARMAN (1937-1907) born Brixton, married George GASKIN (1834-1896) 28 May 1855 at St John’s Clapham. Has issue.
  5. Martha SHARMAN (1840-1904) born 4 Aug 1840 at 32 Bromwell Road, Clapham. Married 11 Jan 1857 James Baker MOORE (1835-1903) and has issue.
  6. Albert SHARMAN (1844-?) Born in Clapham, died whilst young.

Michael John Anthony SHARMAN (1827-1900) also known as John Anthony SHERMAN was born in Valetta in Malta 12 Jun 1827. He must have moved to Algiers with his family in 1830 where his sister Mary Clara was born, and been caught up in the invasion of Algiers by French forces. Little is know of his early years, but it can be inferred that he moved with his family and lived in Brixton and then Clapham. He joined the Navy presumably before the 1841 census (on which he does not appear) and is next found in New York in 1850. It can be inferred he served for many of these years in the Royal or Merchant Navy. Married 22 Sep 1850 to Laura C LESLIE (1827-1854) at Wadham Mills, New York County by the Reverend Mr SPOONER. Took Oath of Allegiance to become a naturalised American citizen a few days later on the 25 Sep 1850. By her he had two daughters. His wife died 9 Aug 1854 at which point he left his family and moved to Vermont. He was involved in American Civil War and married secondly 29 Jul 1880 in Dyer County, Tennessee to Mary J RIDENS. Died 17 Jul 1900 in Dyer County, Tennessee, USA. By Laura LESLIE he had two daughters:

  1. Eugenia Laura SHERMAN (1851-1934), born 16 Jun 1851 in Essex County, New York State, USA. Married Franklin Anderson PIERCE and had issue.
  2. Kate Laura SHERMAN (1854-1921), born 7 Mar 1854 in Essex County, New York State, USA. Married William M LYON and had issue.