Pettley of Latchingdon

Pettley of Latchingdon, Essex and Penge, Surrey

This page describes the descendents of John PETTLEY and Mary LARKIN or LUCKING who were married in Latchingdon church, Essex in 1795. The burial in Latchingdon of a John LARKIN aged 74 in 1810 may correspond to Mary’s father. The Pettleys were farm labourers who made a living from the agricultural work that was available in the area. The family surname is sometimes entered as PETLAR, particularly in the 1820s. Our family, unlike many other branches of the PETTLEY family, settled on a double-L spelling and it is to some degree it is characteristic of our family.

As the Victorian era progressed, increased mechinisation meant that there was less work for unskilled labourers such as our ancestors. Around 1858, the family moved to Penge in Surrey, later part of South London. Daniel became a greengrocer. He also worked occasionally as a itinerant labourer with his son John, who met and married his future wife in Buxton. John PETTLEY (1844-1939) emigrated to Canada and much of the work about the early Pettley families was done by some of his descendents.

The Pettley family had several children, who each had several children and the success of their line lies in the numbers of their descendents who now live in the UK, Canada and New Zealand. The original work on the Pettleys was done by Helen Davies in Canada and I have been able to add some further details to that lineage. I am also pleased to hear of any further information about the Pettley lineage.

PETTLEY of Latchingdon

John PETTLEY (~1764-1825), farm labourer of Latchingdon, Essex, born at an unknown locality. Married 15 Jun 1795 Mary LARKIN or LUCKING at Latchingdon. John died in 1825 at which time the family may have moved to Snoreham Poorhouse. Mary died in 1850. They had issue:

  1. John PETTLEY (1796-?) baptised at Latchingdon. Possibly corresponds to a marriage at Southminster in 1821.
  2. James PETTLEY (1797-?) baptised at Latchingdon. Not known after then – possibly died while young.
  3. Sarah PETLAR (1799-?) baptised at Latchingdon, married John STEELE 31 Jan 1823 and had issue.
  4. William PETTLEY (1803-1878) baptised at Latchingdon. Married Mary (~1806-1879) of Southminster, died in Steeple, Essex. No known issue.
  5. Daniel PETLAR alas PETTLEY (1805-1888) of whom following:
  6. Isaac PETTLEY (1807-?). baptised at Latchingdon. Married Sophia READ ~1850 and had issue (see Pettley lineage b).
  7. Jane PETTLEY (1810-?). born 10 Oct 1810, baptised in Latchingdon. Married at Latchingdon 27 May 1829 John CUTHBERT and had issue.
  8. Henry PETTLEY (1813-1814). Born 21 Apr 1813 in Latchingdon, baptised there. Buried 12 Jun 1814.
  9. Thomas PETTLEY (1815-?). Baptised in Latchingdon, not know subsequently. Possibly died young.
  10. David PETTLEY (1817-1826). Baptised in Latchingdon, buried 1826 from Snoreham Poorhouse.

Daniel PETLAR alias PETTLEY (1805-1888) Farm labourer and greengrocer. Born 8 Jul 1805, baptised in Latchingdon. Married 30 Dec 1825 at Latchingdon Susan UNWIN of Purleigh by whom he had a son and daughter, both of whom died in infancy. Susan died 1828 and was buried in Purleigh. His second marriage was 10 Jul 1832 Hannah SHERWOOD of Cold Norton (1813-1900), daughter of John SHERWOOD and Jane SMITH. They moved to Penge in about 1858 and became a greengrocer there with a shop at 27, Woodland Hill, Norwood. Daniel also worked as a labourer in Buxton in the 1870s. He died 3 Oct 1888, Hannah died 5 Apr 1900. Their children are:

  1. David PETLAR or PETTLEY (1832-1894). Born Latchingdon, married Emma STUBBINGS about 1851 and had issue 3 sons and 2 daughters. Died in Penge.
  2. Simon PETLAR (1835-1857). Baptised and buried at Latchingdon.
  3. John PETTLEY (1838-1838). Born and died in Lawling in Latchingdon parish.
  4. Jane PETTLEY (1840-?). Baptised at Latchingdon church. Not known later.
  5. Matilda PETTLEY (1842-?). Baptised at Latchingdon church. Married 1861 Charles KING.
  6. John PETTLEY (1844-1939). Born 18 Dec 1844 at Latchingdon (see Pettley lineage c) .
  7. Walter PETTLEY (1848-1919) of whom following:
  8. Weymouth PETTLEY (1851-1931). Born in Latchingdon. Married Martha Harriet EVANS 1874 at Penge and had issue at least two sons and one daughter.
  9. Ellen Jane PETTLEY (1855-~1940), born Latchingdon. Married William WOOD in 1876 and had issue at least one daughter and two sons. Moved to Romford, Essex.

Walter PETTLEY (1848-1919). Born 1848 in Latchingdon but baptised at St Andrew Althorne since the church at Latchingdon did not have a vicar at the time. Married Sarah WEBB (1840-1927), daughter of Robert WEBB, brushmaker of Bethnal Green 20 Jul 1867 in Penge. Their children are:

  1. Walter PETTLEY (1868-1945). Born Anerley, Surrey. Married Mary Ann BOWERS (~1850-1924) who was the widow of Edward EPPS. William had at least one daughter of his own but also adopted seven children of Edward EPPS.
  2. Arthur Alfred PETTLEY (1870-1857). Born in Upper Norwood, married 1891 Charlotte SIMMS from Effingham in Surrey. Had issue at least three daughters and one son.
  3. Annie Sarah PETTLEY (1873-). Born 3 Nov 1873 at 16, Clifford Grove, Penge. Married 29 Oct 1893 George Frederick POYNTER at Christ Church Camberwell. Had issue 3 sons and 7 daughters. Annie Sarah died 4 Feb 1967.
  4. Matilda Letitia (Tilly) PETTLEY (1876-?). Born in Penge. Married 1900 George SIMMS of Effingham, Surrey, brother of Charlotte married to Arthur.
  5. William James PETTLEY (1879-1944) of whom following:
  6. Lucy Ellen PETTLEY (1881-?). Born 18 Mar 1881 in 12, Kingswood Road, Beckenham, Kent.
  7. Ada PETTLEY (1883-?) Born in Beckenham, Kent.
  8. Henry George PETTLEY (1886-1976). Born in Beckenham, Kent. Married 1911 to Edith A (Fanny) KNIGHT and had issue one son and one daughter. Driver in World War One.

William James PETTLEY (1879-1944) Farm labourer and greengrocer. Born in Penge in 1879. Married 27 Mar 1898 in St John the Evangelist, Penge Sarah Ann HERBERT (1878-1921) who died at 8 Clark’s Cottages, Saxby Street, Brixton on 15 Oct 1921. He married 2nd 1923 Louisa PEPPER (~1869-1946). He died 29 Oct 1944 at 8 Clark’s Cottage. His children by Sarah Ann are:

  1. William PETTLEY (1898-1971). Born in Penge, married Lucy SMITH and had issue 3 sons and one daughter. William died 25 Nov 1971.
  2. George Henry alias Henry George (known as Harry) PETTLEY (1899-1988). Born in Penge. Enlisted in British Army in World War I. Re-enlisted at end of war. Married Margaret McGRATH 7 Apr 1923 at Wandsworth Registry Office. Died without heirs in Stockwell 31 Jan 1988.
  3. Ernest John PETTLEY (1901-1968). Born 10 Oct 1901 in Penge. Discharged from Army during WW1 because he was deaf in both ears. Height 5’ 3” weight 118 lb girth 33” range 3”. Fresh complexion, grey eyes, brown hair.
  4. Alice PETTLEY (1903-1985). Born 7 Mar 1903 in 131, Crampton Road, Beckenham, Kent. Married Thomas SMITH but had no surviving children. Died in St Thomas’ Hospital ~1985.
  5. Annie Elizabeth PETTLEY (1904-<1911), presumed to have died in infancy.
  6. Walter (Wally) PETTLEY (1905-1987). Born 12 May 1905 in Penge; married first Ethel CHAPMAN (1911-?) and had issue. She died and Walter married secondly to Marjory CARROLL. Died in Surrey.
  7. Ann (Nancy) PETTLEY (1907-?) Born in Penge, married 1932 James (Jimmy) HILLIER (1907-?) and had issue two sons and a daughter.
  8. Arthur Alfred PETTLEY (1909-1969). Born 27 Feb 1909 in Bromley, Kent. Married 3 Aug 1934 Florence Alice PRESTON at All Saints Church, Brixton, South London. Arthur died 22 Sep 1969 at Brixton, South London. Had issue one daughter.
  9. Alfred PETTLEY (1912-1912) Born and died in Bromley, Kent.
  10. Elsie Mary PETTLEY (1914-1999). Born 8 Jun 1914 at 8 Clark’s Cottages, Lytham Road, Brixton. Married 5 Aug 1934 John Sidney FINCH (116-1982) at Wandsworth Registry Office and had issue 4 sons and 3 daughters. Died 2 Dec 1999 at Dulwich Hospital, South London.
  11. Violet PETTLEY (1920-1990), Born Brixton 11 May 1920. Married Alfred EWAN and had issue 3 daughters and 2 sons.