Thomas TOMPION (1639-1713)

This page is to support our research on the family of the clockmaker, Thomas Tompion, who was born in Ickwell, Bedfordshire in 1639. The purpose of our research has been to clarify better Tompion’s family background, including his roots in rural Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire, thereby providing better insight into the metalwork traditions that he grew up with. We found that the family used the name ‘Tompkin’ in earlier years, migrating towards Tompion in the middle of the 17th Century. We intended our research to be read alongside the detailed descriptions of Tompion’s pieces by Jeremy Evans and his co-workers (referenced below).

Tompion’s signature on the ‘Mostyn Tompion’ clock in the British Museum.

Our article has been published in Antiquarian Horology:

Finch AA, Finch VJ & Finch AW (2021) “What’s in a name? The family and early years of
Thomas Tompion” Antiquarian Horology, 42, 187–198

Tompion Family Tree

The Tompion family tree is a public tree on and can be linked here. If, for any reason, this link does not work, then a GEDCOM file for the tree used in the article can be requested from me.

Tompion Publications by Jeremy Evans

Evans JL (2006) “Thomas Tompion at the Dial and Three Crowns”, The Antiquarian Horological Society Trust.
Evans JL, Carter J & Wright B (2014) “Thomas Tompion 300 Years”, Water Lane Publishers, Stroud, UK.

Transcripts and other Sources used in the Research

Transcript of the Northill 1642 Protestation Returns

Tompion Wills in the Archdeaconry Court of Bedfordshire (1625-1726)

Parish registers of Northill:

Parish registers of Henlow:

Parish registers of East Hatley, Hatley St George and Little Gransden are available from the Cambridgeshire Family History Society.

Other References to Tompion not in the Article

References to the Million Bank: Thomas TOMPION was an investor in the Million Bank scheme, the records of which are at the National Archives (C114/16). Tompion invested £500 by the 24 Jun 1703 which remained invested on the 24 Dec 1703. By 29 Sep 1704 this investment had increased to £1500 which was recorded there on 26 Mar 1705. By 25 Dec 1705, Tompion’s investment had dropped back to £500 and thereafter there is no mention of him. It appears Tompion invested for a few years into the scheme but withdrew his funds.

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