Percy Dawson Medal 2018

My Dad and I went down to the Antiquarian Horological Society Annual Meeting at Greenwich last weekend to collect the Percy Dawson medal for 2018. The medal is awarded by the Antiquarian Horological Society “annually for the best article in [the AHS journal] Antiquarian Horology”. It was good to collect the medal on behalf of all of us as authors, but it was poignant particularly to remember my Mum who was lead author on the article. It was also good to catch up on some old friends in the horological community.

The conference was on the life and works of Alexander Cummings (1732-1814), who, in addition to designing and building clocks and watches (including inventing the barometric clock), is credited with the invention of the flushing toilet.

One thought on “Percy Dawson Medal 2018

  1. Congratulations again for the two wonderful articles on Edward East in Antiquarian Horology, which were very deserving of the award. I have provided a link to your articles in a post on my new “antique horology” website (, dealing with my Edward East watch movement. Sincere regards.

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