The Wedding of Norman Ward and Gladys Honeyman-Bull

The wedding photo of my grandparents, Norman Charles Frederick WARD and Gladys Adelaide HONEYMAN-BULL, represents a cross section of the family at the start of the Second World War. The wedding took place on the 26th February 1939 on a cold crisp February Sunday and the group photograph seems to have been taken in the back garden on someone’s house, possibly that of the bride’s mother, Mary Ellen HONEYMAN-BULL nee AMISSON.


I have annotated the photograph identifying everyone in the family grouping using notes that my mother left. The grouping is entirely a family gathering from both sides of the family. The bridesmaids were Sophia Emily WARD (known as Cissy) and my Nan’s god-daughter Gladys Amelia Elizabeth PARKER with whom she shared a birthday. There is a woman’s face lost behind the groom and a big woman’s hat behind the groom’s mother that cannot be identified, but I would imagine they are also relations. David DALLAS’s wife, my Nan’s sister Ellen Jane (Nellie) is not in the picture, so I suspect she is the big hat. Someone is cut off to the left of the photo – perhaps a neighbour or someone who hadn’t attended the wedding and didn’t think they should be in shot. My Grandad’s best man was his brother Ben who is not in the photo – it is possible he may have had to go back to work after the ceremony.

Norman Charles Frederick WARD = Gladys Adelaide HONEYMANBULL 1939
Marriage certificate issued on the wedding day. Witnessed by Ben Ward, Grandad’s brother (and best man) and William Thomas Bull, Nan’s eldest brother.

Nan’s family in the photo are:

My great grandmother Mary Ellen AMISSON is next to my Nan. My Nan’s brother William Thomas BULL is on the far right. Ellen Jane HONEYMAN-BULL is probably the lady in the big hat that we cannot see, since her husband David DALLAS is behind my Nan. My Nan’s sister Nellie (Annie Louisa HONEYMAN-BULL) is present with her daughter Gladys PARKER (who is a bridesmaid). My Nan’s brother Harry HONEYMAN-BULL is there with his wife (Nelly PARMENTER, on the far left). My Nan’s sister Ivy HONEYMAN-BULL is there with her husband Bill CHAPMAN (rear centre left) and children Ivy and June CHAPMAN.

Grandad’s stepmother Sophia is next to my Grandad – his sister is Cissy (Sophia Emily WARD) with her husband Ron CONLEY. His brother Ben was at the ceremony but not in this picture.


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