Missing Baptisms from Blurton, Staffordshire

The parish of Trentham in Staffordshire was divided into two halves with a main church at Trentham and a chapel of ease at Blurton. From the 1730s, services at Blurton are entered into the register distinctly generating what are, effectively, two parallel series of entries. This suggests that a separate record was being kept at Blurton and then added to entries from the main church at the end of the year. However, for 1752-1780, baptisms at Blurton are not explicitly identified. A separate marriage register for Blurton 1754-1770 was copied into the Trentham registers but the baptisms were never transcribed. There are no marriages explicitly performed at Blurton between 1770 and 1842. In contrast to both baptisms and marriages, burials are entered in a single series, suggesting that all burials were being performed at Trentham and monumental inscriptions from Blurton do not suggest that burials were carried out there before a separate burials register starting in 1828. From 1813, Blurton kept separate registers for baptisms and, in 1842, it became a separate parish with a separate marriage register.

The gap due to the lost Blurton entries can be partly compensated by bishops transcripts. Between 1771 and 1776, these include the baptisms at Blurton which are absent from the main (Trentham) register. These entries are transcribed here since they do not occur in transcripts of Trentham registers and indexes generated from them, such as Familysearch.org.


Sampson BARKER                                                                                   Feb 7th

Richard son of John CLARK                                                                  July 20th

William son of William TUNSTALL                                                     August 25th



William PROCTER                                                                                   March 20th

Hugh son of Samuel MAN                                                                     August 25th

John son of William JONES                                                                   October 4th

James son of John BROWN                                                                    October 10th

Sarah daughter of John TUNSTALL                                                     October 19th

John son of William ADAMS                                                                 October 25th

Ellen daughter of William ASTBURY                                                   October 25th

Thomas son of Thomas COOK                                                              November 15th

Frances daughter of Isaac ANDERSON                                               November 15th

Nancy daughter of Thomas KEMP                                                       November 22nd

Nancy daughter of Thomas BRAMMER Stoke                                    September [sic] 6th

William son of Thomas ADAMS                                                           December 13th

Jemima daughter of George LOCKETT Stoke parish                        December 20th

Sarah daughter of John MARE                                                              December 27th



Elizabeth daughter of Samuel WRIGHT                                              January 3rd

Mary daughter of Thomas BARKER                                                     January 17th

Matthew son of Edward AMISON                                                        March 2nd

Richard son of Thomas WALTERS                                                       March 7th

Thomas son of Thomas BADKIN                                                          April 4th

Ann daughter of James STEVSON                                                        April 9th

James son of Richard ORAM                                                                 May 8th

William son of John CLARK                                                                  May 13th

George son of John ANDERSON                                                           May 15th

Edward daughter [sic] of Noah MILLS (Stone Parish)                     July 13th

Robert son of Mary EDWARDS                                                             July 18th

Peter son of James HURDASS                                                                July 25th

William son of William TABERNOR                                                    August 9th

Isaac MORETON curate of Blurton and Trentham

John BRINDLEY Churchwarding


1773 [continued]

Ralph son of Thomas ROMER of Stoke Parish                                   September 12th

Thomas son of William RIDGE                                                             October 2nd

Thomas son of William BROUGH                                                        November 14th



William son of Thomas BALL                                                               January 29th

Joseph son of John SWIFT                                                                     January 30th

George son of Edward DAWSON                                                          January 30th

John son of William TUNSTALL                                                           January [sic] 9th

Elizabeth daughter of William PROCTER                                           February 13th

Sarah daughter of William ADAMS                                                     August 25th

Thomas son of Thomas ADAMS                                                           December 24th



Ruth HOWLEY daughter of Ann JONES                                              April 23rd

Elizabeth daughter of Richard ORAM                                                 June 6th

Sarah daughter of Thomas WOOD                                                      December 27th

Richard son of William BROUGH                                                         January [sic] 9th

Thomas son of William WARD                                                             December 31st

Sampson son of Thomas BARKER                                                        April 10th

Fanny daughter of Thomas WALTERS                                                April 17th

Frances daughter of Isaac ANDERSON                                               July 20th



Susannah daughter of Thomas SHAW                                                January 9th

Elizabeth daughter of John SWIFT                                                       January 22nd

Frances daughter of Moses EDWARDS                                               February 6th

Richard son of Samuel WRIGHT                                                          February 13th

George son of Arthur LOCKETT                                                           May 6th

Susannah daughter of William PROCTOR                                          May 26th

John son of Richard BRYON                                                                   July 14th

Joseph and Mary son and daughter of John LOCKETT                    July 28th

Samuel son of Thomas BALL                                                                 July 28th

William son of John DENNIS                                                                 August 23rd

Sarah and Mary daughters of John GREEN                                        September 9th



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