Ward Graves in Hedon Road Cemetery, Hull

Gravestone 1: Robert, Ellen and James WARD

2016-09-18 12.24.49

In affectionate remembrance of JAMES son of Robert and Ellen WARD who departed this life June 7th 1876 aged 23 years

Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord

Also Robert WARD father of the above who died 21st May 1878 aged 61 years

They miss him most that knew him best. He sleeps in Jesus.

Also of the above named Ellen WARD who died April 17th 1891 aged 74 years

Gone but not forgotten.


Grave 2: Joseph and Eliza Rebecca WARD

2016-09-18 12.30.04

In affectionate remembrance of Joseph WARD who departed this life November 12th 1882 aged 74 years.

The winter of trouble is past, the storms of affliction are o’er, the struggle is ended at last, and sorrow and death are no more.

Also of Eliza Rebecca WARD wife of the above Joseph WARD who entered into rest May 28th 1900 aged 75 years.

Gravestone 3: William and Herbert WARD

2016-09-18 14.29.04

In memory of William WARD cab proprietor of this town who died 14 March 1882 aged 41.

And of Herbert WARD son of the above born Oct 14th 1866 died Oct 14th 1906 aged 40 years.


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