The grave of Frederick, Eliza and Marian Ward

I and my cousins Sandra and Adrian Grater spent some time cleaning up the grave of our ancestors Frederick and Eliza Ward. They are buried with their daughter Marian in the graveyard of St James, Hampton Hill near Twickenham. The grave was overgrown with thorns and brambles, but it took just a few minutes to clean the grave up sufficiently that the inscriptions could be read. The grave is in area B and is located as grave 9B 3.


Sacred to the memory of of Eliza WARD who died Nov 1st 1909 aged 65. And also Frederick Ward, husband of the above, who died Jan 4th 1925 aged 75 years. And Marian Ward who died Dec 2nd 1894 aged 7 years.

Adrian & Sandra at Hampton ii)I and my cousin Sandra, 9th October 2017, at Hampton Hill.


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